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1. Miroslav Vrlik feat. Mark & Lukas-Valle of Shadows (Colorize)
2. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt-Tonight (WYM)
3. Physical Phase-Magma (Kill the Lights)
4. East & Atlas-Casablanca (Enhanced Progressive)
5. Talisman & Hudson-Leaving Planet Earth (HHC Remix) (Perfecto)
6. Natalie Gioia & Dan Thompson-Be in Love (Black Hole)
7. Frank Waanders-Giddiness (Always Alive)
8. World Premiere: Chris Hampshire & Bissen-The Vault (Obi Remix) (Discover)
9. Para X-Magical Soundwave (Cerk Basaran Remix) (Discover)
10. Derb-Derbus (RAMs Refurbished Fusion Remix) (Grotesque)
11. Cold Blue-The Clash (Kearnage)

1. Luis Gonzalez-Judith (Euphonic)
2. Alexander Popov-People (Armind)
3. Abhishek Y2V feat. Amy Kirkpatrick-The Goddess (Emerge Remix) (Excelsior)
4. Solarstone vs. Scott Bond-3rd Earth (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker Rebooted Remix) (WAO138)
5. Three Drives-Sirens of the Sea (Pure Trance)
6. Exolight & Suncatcher-Day to Remember (FSOE)
7. PARITY-Emerald (Digital Society)
8. Rene Ablaze-Avalon (Always Alive)
9. Vertical State-Angels Hospital (Kill the Lights)
10. FEB-Voices of Darkness (Dark Soho)
11. Chris Schweizer-Atom (WAO138)

1. Marsh & Jesse Bullitt-Mantis (Colorize)
2. Lee Cassells-Eternal (White Soho)
3. Mihal M & Suncatcher pres. Backdraft-Candle (PARITY Remix) (Excelsior)
4. Liam Melly-Chuck Rock (Monster)
5. Tomas Heredia-Andes (Armind)
6. 4 Strings & Carol Lee-Emotions Away (Protoculture Remix) (RazNitzan)
7. Yang-Moon ROck (Excelsior)
8. Heatbeat-Section 9 (AERYS)
9. Mauro Picotto-Unthinkable (Alex di Stefano Remix) (Alchemy)
10. Passenger 75 & Jo Cartwright-The Beauty You Are (Amsterdam Trance)
11. Donny Mac-Wave Function (Digital Society)
12. Heavens Cry-Voices (WAO138)

1. Drama-Left vs. Right (Discover Code Red)
2. Orkidea-Xciter (Pure Progressive)
3. Marcus Santoro-Flashpoint (Enhanced Progressive)
4. Deep Frog feat. Justine Divina-The Night Sky (Divided)
5. MNBT-The Next Level (Excelsior)
6. Ralphie B-Homestead (ITWT)
7. Future Disciple-Adventure to the South (Robert Nickson Remix) (Pure Trance)
8. John Askew-Black Coffee (VII)
9. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli-Concrete Angel (ReOrder Remix) (Garuda)
10. Marco van Deroga-I Know You (Discover)
11. Tempo Giusto-Burn (FSOE)

1. Evil Tribe-Blacklist
2. Yahel & Eyal Barkan-Voyage (Omar Sherif Remix)
3. Marco V-Switchim
4. Mr. Sam-Lyteo (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
5. Will Rees-Reconcile
6. Alex di Stefano-Split
7. Sied van Riel & Richard Durand-Rivella
8. Marc Simz-Forbidden City (Casey Rasch Remix) (In Trance We Trust)
9. Mike Sanders-The Eye of the Storm (Grotesque)
10. Peetu S-Eastern Angel (Outburst)
11. Lightform-Oasis

1. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor-Wilde (JEE)
2. Nitrous Oxide-Miura (Excelsior)
3. Alexandre Bergheau-Summers Gone (Yoel Lewis Remix) (Captivating)
4. Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge-FaceOff (Armind)
5. Claus Backslash-Mysterious Ways (We Are Trance)
6. The Thrillseekers-For All That You Are (FSOE)
7. Temple One-Ocean Paradise (Digital Society)
8. Sean Matthews & Andres Sanchez-Never Be (ASOT)
9. Cold Blue-On the Outside
10. Ben Nicky-Cobra (WOA138)
11. Stream Noize & De Cima pres. Forces-Wall Between Us (Create)

1. Dehasse-Dorian Gray (XTravaganza)
2. Dark Matter & Erika K-When Souls Collide (Create)
3. Peter Steele-Gull (Pure Trance)
4. Sou Kanai-Sunbeam (Always Alive)
5. Opposiz & Diana Leah-Wait For You (Maratone Remix) (Raz Nitzan)
6. Midway-Cobra (Niko Zografos Remix) (Black Hole)
7. UDM-Land of Dreams (Monster Pure)
8. The Noble Six-Chemicals (Kearnage)
9. Illumina-Two Worlds (JOOF Mantra)
10. Neos & Olbaid-Ancient Gods (Discover Dark)
11. Simon McCann-Stratosphere (Discover White)

1. EJ-Don't Take It Away (Captivating)
2. Novan-Frisson (Excelsior)
3. Andrew Rayel & Christina Novelli-Lighthouse) (Armind)
4. Declan James vs. Lucy Neville-Lady (Enhanced Progressive)
5. Steve Angello & Still Young-Follow Me (Dean Yogev Remix) (Dean Yogev)
6. Skaivox-Spica (JOOF)
7. Pure NRG-Cala Blanca (Black Hole)
8. Peter Steele-Gull (Pure Trance)
9. Cold Stone-Planet X (Digital Society)
10. Laura May-Acid Orchestra (Create)
11. Sneijder-Vaporize (Subculture)

1. Alpha 9-Higher Place (Armind)
2. Parity-Cirrus (Digital Society)
3. Yoel Lewis-Tuviana (Armind)
4. Synthea-Horizon (IONS)
5. Yang & DJ Xquizit-Tiger Blood (Create)
6. Mojashi-Phosphene (Individual Identity)
7. Alex di Stefano-What's the Catch (Kearnage)
8. Allen Watts-Arizona (WAO138)
9. Alan Morris-Prestige (Transistic)
10. Victor Dinaire & Bissen-Refrakt
11. Jens Jakob & Diego Morrill-Hacksaw (Discover Dark)
12. Robert Miles-One and One (EMI)

1. Noise Zoo-My Day (Enhanced Progressive)
2. Oliver Smith-On the Moon (Spencer Brown Remix) Anjunabeats)
3. Kyau & Albert-Trace (Euphonic)
4. Attila Syah-Grey Petals (Excelsior)
5. Fabio XB pres. Liuck feat. Eric Lumiere-More to Life (Luke Mond Remix) (Digital Society)
6. HP Source-Rare Breed (AERYS)
7. Venaccio-The Explorer (Create)
8. Jardin-U-Bahn (Vandit)
9. Apek & Shanahan fea. Andrew Jackson-Broken Souls (Steve Allen Remix) (Enhanced)
10. UDM-Placebo (Digital Society)
11. Chris Schweizer-Loaded (WAO138)
12. Sean Tyas & Darren Porter-The Potion (FSOE)

1. Dan Dobson & Lee Coulson-Nothing Else (Pure Progressive)
2. Michael Mashkov-Elephants (Sergey Shemet Remix) (Colorize)
3. Tritonal + SJ feat. Emma Gatsby-Hung Up (Marcus Santoro Remix) (Enhanced)
4. Mohammed Khallia-Stardust (Always Alive)
5. Quasi-Sabertooth (Create)
6. Gordey Tsukanov-Cause & Effect (Spellbinding)
7. Jens Jakob & Diego Morrill-Hacksaw (Discover Dark)
8. Activa-Telic (John Dopping Strategy (Discover)
9. Accelerator-Acceleration (Discover)
10. Eco with Driftmoon-Trust in the Wind (Driftmoon Rework) (Pure Trance)
11. Miroslav Vrlik-Blue Moon (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Full On 140)

1. Latin Intelligent-Future (JOOF Aura)
2. Paul Thomas & Jerome Isma-Ae-Tomorrow (Paul Thomas & White Akre Remix) (UltraViloet)
3. Ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe De Luca-Frozen Ground (Anjunabeats)
4. KhoMha-Dance Electric (ASOT)
5. Bissen & Shannon Hurley-A Little Solitude (FSOE)
6. Super8 & Tab-Cosmo (Armind)
7. Radion6-World of Tomorrow (ASOT)
8. Jericho Frequency-Vegas (We Are Trance)
9. Miroslav Vrlik & Andre Visior-Raindrops (Always Alive)
10. Solids & Sean Truby pres. S&ST-Roots (Infrasonic)
11. Signum-Euphoric Hope (WAO138)

1. Above & Beyond-1001 (Anjunabeats)
2. Bobina-Lazy World (ASOT)
3. Richard Lowe-Levitate (Vandit)
4. Denis Kenzo & Lucid Blue-Only Ones Alive (DKR)
5. OzzyXPM-Cote D'Azur (Blue Soho)
6. MarLo & First State-Falling Down (Armind)
7. Daniel Kandy & Dreamy-Match Made in Heaven (Always Alive)
8. Ferry Tayle & Dan Stone-Vona (FSOE)
9. Victor Dinaire & Bissen-Refrakt
10. Kiyol & Eky-Silverdown (Discover White)
11. Curtis Young & Jak Aggass-The Nephliim (FSOE)

1. Dan Dobson & Lee Coulson-Nothing Else (Pure Progressive)
2. Denis Kenzo & Hanna Finsen-Dancing in the Dark (Denis Kenzo Recordings)
3. Daun Giventi-Memories (Enhanced Progressive)
4. Somna feat. Matthew Sleeper-My Shelter (Captivating)
5. Jon Bourne-Ride Your Pony (White Soho)
6. Madwave vs. Space Raven-What We Used to Be (Silent Shore)
7. Alan Morris-Digital Eye (Pure Trance)
8. Mhammed El Alami-These Moments (Universal Nation)
9. World Premiere: Victor Dinaire & Bissen-Refrakt
10. Obi-Slenderman (Discover Dark)
11. Liam Wilson-Split Universe (iWON)

1. Ivanshee-Iron Wave (JOOF Aura)
2. Alexander Spark-Staium (Excelsior)
3. 4 Strings-Solid Session (Amsterdam Trance)
4. John OO Fleming-The Lone Ranger (JOOF)
5. David Forbes-Wormhole (Black Hole)
6. Zach Zlov-Jokes on You (Discover Dark)
7. Chris SX & C-Systems-Indigo (Digital Society)
8. Ben Gold-Pilot (ASOT)
9. Naoufal Lamrani-NightOwl (Always Alive)
10. Sam Jones-Good Love (WAO138)
11. Tepes & Lightform-Shadow Moses (Discover Digital)
12. Craig Conelly and Sue Mclaren-Home (Higher Forces)

1. Zac Waters & Marcus Santoro-Space We Create (Excelsior)
2. Martin Garrix feat. Dua Lipa-Scared to be Lonely (Wildvibes Jaylife Remix) (Sony)
3. Gary Maguire-Sunyata (Stereo Wildlife Remix) (Discover)
4. Suncatcher-The Beach (Always Alive)
5. Tasso-Pull Back (Create)
6. Sensi-Reckoning (White Soho)
7. Sam Laxton-Outlander (Digital Society)
8. Dan Thompson-Neptune (ASOT)
9. Luis de Poda-Nibiru (We Are Trance)
10. Talla 2XLC & Allen Watts-Helix (WAO138)
11. Paul van Dyk-Touched by Heaven (Vandit)
12. Miroslav Vrlik-Blue Moon (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Full On 140)

1. Farius-Sweet Deception (Delirium)
2. Max Graham-One Hundred (Estiva Remix) (Cycles)
3. Will Atkinson-Bloody Nora (Kearnage)
4. Tempo Giusto-Ultraviolet (Clandestine)
5. Exis-Mantra (WAO138)
6. Allen Watts & Katty Heath-Break Without the Pain (Amsterdam Trance)
7. Dreamy & Warren Adam-Plosive Awakening (Aria Digital)
8. Marco V-Colored Glass (Be Yourself)
9. Ram feat. Stine Grove-Forever and a Day (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) (Grotesque)
10. Lostly-Nothing Left (Outburst)
11. Ana Criado & Alan Morris-Border Line (Amsterdam Trance)

1. David Gravell-The Last of Us (Zac Waters Remix) (Captivating)
2. Stuart Ferguson-Redeye (Create)
3. Lange-The First Rebirth (Create)
4. Paul Denton-Curtain Call (Subculture)
5. Chris Schweizer-Shadows (WAO138)
6. Kiyoi-Eky-Neo Ken (Discover White)
7. First Sight-Courage (Always Alive)
8. Rlialto & FG Noise-Zika (Redux)
9. Mark Sherry & Ram-Nordic Nights (Black Hole)
10. Vincent De Moor-Fly Away (Mark Sixma pres. M6 Remix) (WAO138)
11. Cold Blue-Gold Rush (Niko Zografos Remix) (Mental Asylum)

1. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor-Kubrick (JEE)
2. Grum-Shout (Anjunabeats)
3. Noise Zoo-Flare (Enhanced Progressive)
4. Tom Bro-Morning Sun (Pure Progressive)
5. AnnihElectric-Of the Stars (Redux Red)
6. First Sight-Courage (Always Alive)
7. Alessandra-Roncone-Sogno (FSOE)
8. Chris Schweizer-Shadows (WAO138)
9. Kiyoi-Eky-Neo Ken (Discover White)
10. Rene Ablaze & UDM-Lost In Trance (Digital Society)
11. John 00 Fleming-Dawn over the Amazon (Jordan Suckley Remix) (JOOF Mantra)
12. Dinaire+Bissen-Symmetry C (Pharmacy)

1. BT-The Upside Down (Armind)
2. Alan Morris & Marco Cera-Tears of the Sun (ASOT)
3. Tony Moran & Dani Toro ft. Zhana Roiya-Pick Me UP (Dinaire+Bissen Dub Mix) (TanMan)
4. Arman Dinarvand & HP Energetic-Mirrors (Vandit)
5. Omnia feat. Johnny Rose-Why Do You Run (Armind)
6. Mark Sherry Meets Spacefrog-Follow Me (Alex Di Stefano Remix) (Outburst)
7. Andski-Blossom (Smith & Brown Remix) (Aria)
8. Cold Blue-Gold Rush (Niko Zografos Remix) (Mental Asylum)
9. Vincent De Moor-Fly Away (Mark Sixma pres. M6 Remix) (WAO138)
10. Mohamed Bahi-In A Perfect World (Vandit)
11. Simon Patterson-Spike (VII)

1. Andy Tau, Sean Matthews & Max Millian-Shadows & Light (Solid Stone Remix) (Infrasonic)
2. Axis-Over You (Enhanced Progressive)
3. Kyau & Albert-Millions (Anjunabeats)
4. Radion 6-Cycle of Life (Armind)
5. Miroslav Vrlik-Save Me (Always Alive)
6. Manuel Le Saux & James Kelly-The Right Direction (Discover)
7. Soul Entity-Inside the Mountains (Discover)
8. Danilo Ercole-Global (Create)
9. Dan Thompson-Culture (Excelsior)
10. Stoneface & Terminal-Berlin 99 (FSOE)
11. Sneijder & Christina Novelli-Love Of My control (Sam Jones Remix) (WAO 138)

1. David Forbes & Stephen Kirkwood-Lost My Mind (Excelsior)
2. Esotera-High Moments (Flemcy)
3. Grant Saxena-Maximal (Digital Ruckus)
4. Nuera-Lyse (Pure Progressive)
5. Andrew Bayer & Ilan Bluestone-Destiny (Anjunabeats)
6. Arman Dinarvand & HP Electric-Mirrors (Vandit)
7. Andy Cain feat. Crystal Blakk-Different (We Are Trance)
8. The Cracken-Aphrodisiac (Digital Society)
9. Mike Push-Lost & Found (Pure Trance)
10. Heatbeat-Mechanizer (AERYS)

1. Biologik-Grey Skies (Pure Trance)
2. Matt Fax- Aura Lusia (Colorize)
3. Rae Sremmund-Black Beatles (ReSkull House Remix)
4. Synthetic vs. Valys-Forgotten Harmonies (JOOF Aura)
5. Marcus Santoro-Fortitudo (Enhanced Progressive)
6. Stuart Ferguson-Redeye (Create)
7. Peter Plaznik-Outer Space (Discover Dark)
8. Ronski Speed Feat. Linnea Schossow-Set Me To Light (Amir Hussain Remix) (Digital Society)
9. BluSkay-Breakthrough (Blue Soho)
10. Frank Dueffel-Entropy (Redux)
11. Solarstone ft. Alex Karweit-Breakaway (John Askew Remix) (Pure Trance)

Victor Dinaire guest mix--tracklist not available

1. Jes & Tenishia-Here & Now (Club Edit) (Black Hole)
2. Fabio XB & Marell feat. Christina Novelli-Can't Let Go (LTN Remix) (Digital Society)
3. Sunfire-Emotions (Wavetraxx Remix) (Diverted)
4. Nhato-Ibuki (Otographic)
5. David Gravell-The Last of Us (Zac Waters Remix) (Captivating)
6. Mark Sherry & Ram-Nordic Nights
7. Six Senses-Return (Redux)
8. UCast & Magnus-Echo (FSOE)
9. Aurora Night vs. Iverson & Alex Daf-Osiris (Blue Soho)
10. First Sight-Meet You There (Digital Society)
11. Paul Denton-Curtain Call (Subculture)

1. Dinaire+Bissen-Revelry (Good 4 You)
2. Dinaire+Bissen-Tunnel Vision (Good 4 You)
3. Dinaire+Bissen-Beyond Belief (Good 4 You)
4. Dinaire+Bissen-Disconnect (Good 4 You)
5. Protoculture-Asphalt (Armind)
6. Jackob Rocksonn-Inagua (Melodika)
7. Adip Kiyol-Heiwa (Create)
8. David Gravell-The Last of Us (Zac Waters Remix) (Captivating)
9. Daniel Lesden-Enuma Elish (Sabretooth Remix) (Joof Mantra)
10. Warriors-The Mind (WAO138)
11. Driftmoon-Beggar in Your Own Kingdom (FSOE)

1. Verche-Behind the Scene (JOOF Aura)
2. Christina Novelli- Where We Began (MaHI Remix) (Garuda)
3. Maor Levi-Universal (Anjunabeats)
4. Maor Levi-Returning (Anjunabeats)
5. Alex Klingle-Remember When (Enhanced Progressive)
6. Yan Weinstock-1986 (Discover Dark)
7. Artento Divini-Hypercube (ASOT)
8. Lange-The First Rebirth (Create)
9. Rlialto & FG Noise-Zika (Redux)
10. Ben Gold-Where Life Takes Us (Giuseppe Ottaviani) (WAO138)
11. Simon McCann-Black Moon (Discover Digital)

1. Reeson-Chords of Life (Pure Trance)
2. Martin Graff-Last Day on the Moon (Red Soho)
3. Arty & Andrew Bayer-Follow the Light (Anjunabeats)
4. Yoel Lewis feat. Sivan-Caesarea (Armind)
5. Parity-Kamchatka (Digital Society)
6. Henry Dark-Beirut (Captivating)
7. Frost Raven-Dark Wave (Tech Mix) (Pharmacy Plus)
8. Mohammed Khallia-Sakhnin (Always Alive)
9. The Noble Six-Oddworld (Subculture)
10. Chris Schweizer-Scorpion (WAO138)
11. Intra & Spherix-Nitrate (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)(Full On 140)

1. Alan Walker-Faded (Tiesto's Northern Lights Remix) (Sony)
2. InnerSync feat. Samantha Star-Dreaming Tree (Equinox)
3. DJ Jounce feat. Christina Novelli-Nobody Knows (Hazem Beltagui Remix) (Blue Soho)
4. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor feat. London Thor-Smoke & Mirrors (Anjunabeats)
5. Ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe de Luca-Bigger Than Love (Anjunabeats)
6. Kyau & Albert-Memory Lane (Anjunabeats)
7. Bissen & Shannon Hurley-A Little Solitude
8. Husman feat. Kelly Sweet-Atmosphere (Captivating)
9. Mariusz Chodorek feat Danny Claire-Somebody I Could Be (Redux Red)
10. The Chainsmokers feat. Daya-Don't Let Me Down (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Disruptor)
11. Local Heroes & Linnea Schossow-Home (Allen & Envy Remix) (Lange)
12. Gareth Emery I Could Be Stronger (Giusepee Ottaviani Remix) (Garuda)

1. Ilan Bluestone-43 (Anjunabeats)
2. Andrew Bayer-Do Androids Dream Part 2 (Anjunabeats)
3. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor feat. London Thor-Smoke & Mirrors (Anjunabeats)
4. Lange-Formula None (Lange)
5. Tom Fall & Jes-Come Back (Trice)
6. Tempo Giusto-Architekt (Echelon)
7. Standerwick & Chris Schweizer-Predator (WAO138)
8. Denise Rivera-Perfect Ending (Kaimo K Remix) (Amsterdam Trance)
9. Obi-La Esperanza (Discover)
10. Darren Porter-Deep Blue (FSOE)
11. Cold Blue-Black Rock (Monster Tunes)

1. Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey-The Truth (David West Remix) (Sola)
2. First State feat. Anita Kelsey-Falling (Original Mix) (Black Hole)
3. Cressida-6 AM (Original Mix) (Euphonic)
4. Signum-Hit That Note (ASOT)
5. Empirical Labs-Turtle Beach (Outback Remix) (ASOT)
6. Mark Dreamer-Rising Man (Diverted)
7. Akesson-Perfect Blue (ASOT)
8. Gareth Emery-Sanctuary (Sean Tyas Remix) (Garuda)
9. Jimmy Chou-Echoes (Touchstone Remix) (Diverted)
10. Simon Patterson-Bulldozer (Original) (Reset)

1. Beat Bizarre-Tarantismus (JOOF Mantra)
2. Namatrjira-Illuminar (Pure Trance Progressive)
3. Chris Bekker & Farius-CMYK (Vandit)
4. Parity-Spectre (Digital Society)
5. Ben Gold-Atomic (Tempo Giusto Remix) (WAO138)
6. Scot Project-W5 (Waiting For) (Outburst)
7. Somna-Mystic (Excelsior)
8. Jorn van Deynhoven-Space Girl (ASOT)
9. Quincy Weigert-Scarlett Moon (Create)
10. Kyau & Albert-Another Time (Local Heroes Remix) (Euphonic)
11. G8-Albino Pigs Are Cute (Discover Dark)

1. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor-Tiger (JEE)
2. Matt Fax-Halv (Colorize)
3. Alex Klingle-Colors Back (Matt Fax Remix) (Enhanced Progressive)
4. Radion6-Awake (ASOT)
5. Solarstone & Ferry Tayle-Lifeline (Pure Trance)
6. Fady & Mina-Wonder Why (FSOE)
7. Cold Blue-Until We Collide (Subculture)
8. Factor B-Luna Therapy (FSOE)
9. Mike Sanders & Beatsole-Trigger (Digital Society)
10. Matt Bukovski-Agni (WAO138)
11. First Sight & Fright Nite-Warp Velocity (Always Alive)

1. Orkidea feat. Sami Uotila-Strange World (Tom Hills Remix) (Black Hole)
2. Nick Sember-Sahara (Anjunabeats)
3. Haris C-Unshakeable (Factual)
4. Armin van Buuren feat. Angel Taylor-Make It Right (Ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi Remix) (Armada)
5. Eximinds & Metroom-Clash (Excelsior)
6. Chris Cortez-Pralello (Create)
7. Adam Ellis & Michelle C-Don't Disappear (ITWT)
8. Coast 2 Coast feat. Discover-Home (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker GC23 Remix) (WAO138)
9. Mark W-Azrael (Digital Society)
10. Jardin-Suicide Circus (Vandit)
11. Finding Wonderland & Skylex-Wonder Sky (Blue Soho)

1. LTN & Flashtech-The Last Ride (Excelsior)
2. Straight Up & Max Denoise feat. Alvin River-Time is Now (Redux Red)
3. Cuebrick & APEK feat. Linney-Safe (Claran McAuley Remix) (Enhanced)
4. Daniel Kandi & Miroslav Vrlik-You & Me (Always Alive)
5. Pura Vida vs. Effective-India 911 (JOOF Mantra)
6. Pure Vida vs. Effective-Warriors Calling (JOOF Mantra)
7. Chris Schweizer & Heatbeat-Samurai (WAO138)
8. Chris SX-Supernova (Let There Be Light) (Digital Society)
9. Mark L2K-Survivor (Redux138)
10. M6-Days of Wonder (Photographer Remix) (Armada)
11. Talla 2XLC & Illitheas-Severance (Pure Trance)

1. Kyau & Albert-Are You One Of Us (Cabriolet Paris Remix) (Euphonic)
2. Bissen & Shannon Hurley-A Little Solitude
3. MarLo feat. Emma Chatt-Leave My Hand (Armind)
4. Alex Ender-Ares (Excelsior)
5. Stoneface & Terminal-Lunacy (Clandestine)
6. Mike Push-Infinite Lives (FSOE)
7. ReOrder-Venice Beach (FSOE)
8. Taival vs. Symon & Jay-Aaava (Always Alive)
9. Sean Tyas feat. Victoriya-Perfect World (FSOE)
10. Michael Kaelios-Dark Path (Discover White)
11. TranceEye-Yearning (Redux)

1. Josep-Love Spreadin' (Anjunabeats)
2. Sylvia Tosun-Underlying Feeling (Adam K Soha Club Mix) (Sea to Sun)
3. Jason Ross-Valor (Anjunabeats)
4. Alex Sonata feat. Katrine Stenbekk-See What I See (Garuda)
5. Johann Stone-It Came in the NIght (Create)
6. Tempo Giusto-Time to Tango (Captivating)
7. Sholan-Chasing Shadows (Pure Trance)
8. Mac & Monday-Xiphos (Amir Hussain Remix) (Spellbinding)
9. Mike Sqillo-Beleza (Digital Society)
10. Cold Blue-Nevada (FSOE)
11. Alex Morph with Song and the Moon-Don't Talk Away the Magic (Heatbeat Remix) (Vandit)

1. Wrechiski & Danilo Ercole-So Long (Enhanced Progressive)
2. Lycii & Decian James-Dimensions (Enhanced Progressive)
3. Kyau & Albert-Are You Fine (20 Years Remake)
4. PARITY-Kalahari (FSOE)
5. World Premiere: Bissen & Shannon Hurley-A Little Solitude
6. Sun Liquide-New Dawn (Redux)
7. Kiran M Sajeev-Once Again (Discover)
8. Ultimate & Moonsouls feat. Marjan-Think Twice (ASOT)
9. Leroy Moreno-Eternal Now (Vandit)
10. Andre Visior-Spirits (Always Alive)
11. Chris Schweizer-Sub Zero (WAO138)

1. KhoMha-Strange Love (Captivating)
2. David Gravell-Make Some Noise (ASOT)
3. Andrew Bayer-From the Past (Anjunabeats)
4. Sense8-Citadel (White Soho)
5. Jai & Pris Stratton-Use Your Imagination (Jaia Pressure Mix) (JOOF)
6. Perrelli & Mankoff vs. BlueSkay-Catapult (Blue Soho)
7. Naoufal Lamrani-Hoperiser (Always Alive)
8. Allen Envy with Mikka Leinonen-Panorama (Pure Trance)
9. Simon McCann-One Day (Discover White)
10. John Askew-Vandalism (Vlind Remix) (Discover Dark)
11. Mike Sanders-Tars (Digital Society)

1. Ruslan Vashkevich-Blind Man's Shine (Jonny Calypso Remix) (Bonzai Progressive)
2. Genix-Vega (Anjunabeats)
3. Genix-Orca (Anjunabeats)
4. Rodg-Wired (Armind)
5. Fabio XB & Liuck feat. Sarah Russel-Another Day (Luke Bond Remix) (Digital Society)
6. Artra & Holland-Adventure (Redux Red)
7. Novaline feat. Victoria Leschenko-Breathe (LaMoore Power Mix) (Diverted)
8. Tonerush-Flanker (MPS)
9. Moonsouls-Broken (Always Alive)
10. Para X-World of Illusion (Discover)
11. UDM-Omega (Redux)
12. Will Rees-Incipient (Subculture)

1. Satinka-From Dust & Darkness (Bonzai Progressive)
2. Airwave-The Quest for Beauty (Jam El Mar Remix) (Bonzai Progressive)
3. Bobina & Jes-I Believe (Lange Remix) (Black Hole)
4. Lost Frequencies feat. Sandro Cavazza (Gareth Emery Remix) (Armada)
5. Aimoon-Fusion (FSOE Excelsior)
6. Oberon-Spoonbender (Discover Dark)
7. Dan Stone-Macy (FSOE)
8. Bjorn Akesson-Language (Pure Trance)
9. Radion6-Another Dimension (ASOT)
10. ARDI & Linnea Schossow-Your Everything (ASOT)
11. UCast-Jetlag (In Trance We Trust)

1. Matan Caspi-Brain Storm (Bonzai Progressive)
2. KAMA-Bounce It (Piston)
3. Ilan Bluestone & Grum-SOS (Anjunabeats)
4. Local Heroes & Cressida-Ghandi (Euphonic)
5. Daun Giventi-Ponyo (Enhanced Progressive)
6. Aruna-Sunrise (Daun Giventi Remix) (Enhanced)
7. Rodrigo Deam-Aeon (Enhanced Progressive)
8. John Dopping-Stuck (JOOF Mantra)
9. Robert Vadney & Chris Oblivion-Lost Language (JOOF)
10. Mardven & Rifter-202b (Always Alive)
11. Xian-Limitless (Discover Digital)

1. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor-Reflection (JEE)
2. Genix & Sue McLaren-Lose Yourself (Anjunabeats)
3. Maglev-Dawnbreaker (Redux Red)
4. Yoel Lewis feat. Sivan-Caesarea (Armind)
5. Mike Spinner-Unity (Discover)
6. Plutian-Lorelei (Always Alive)
7. Ronski Speed feat. Linnea Schossow-Set Me To Light (Digital Society)
8. Asteroid-Gravitation (Redux)
9. Miroslav Vrlik-Blue Moon (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Full On 140)
10. Aly & Fila, Roger Shah & Susana-Unbreakable (FSOE)
11. Stuart Ferguson-Empire (Create)

1. Khomha feat. Mike Schmid-Restart (Henry Dark Remix) (Captivating)
2. Maor Levi feat. Mangal Suvarnan-Made of Fire (Anjunabeats)
3. Alexander Spark-Formentera (FSOE Excelsior)
4. Husman & Carl Nunes feat. Matthew Steeper-Out of my Mind (Trice)
5. Marlo-Join Us Now (WAO138)
6. Artsever-Arctic White Fields (Echelon)
7. Chris Bekker ft. Tricia McTeague- We Can Be (PVD Club Mix) (Vandit)
8. Robert Nickson-Touchdown (Pure Trance)
9. Mark Walker-Lancha (Digital Society)
10. Carlos de la Garza & R3dub-Kinesia (Extrema Global)
11. Unbeat-Shutdown (Extrema Global)
12. A&Z-Noir (FSOE)

1. Ilan Bluestone & Jason Ross-Amun (Anjunabeats)
2. Johnny Yono-Cerberus (Lange)
3. Peter Steele-Arodr (Pure Trance)
4. Daniel Kandi & Joel Spencer-When Dreams Become Reality (Always Alive)
5. Martin Graff feat. Kalim Milo-Megaclite (Individual Identity)
6. Suber8 & Tab-Into (ASOT)
7. Kenny Life & M Pravda feat. Amy Kirkpatrick-Sun Rising (DJ TH Deep Spirit Mix) (Redux Red)
8. Bjorn Akesson-Desert Style (FSOE)
9. Standerwick & Chris Schweizer-Predator (WAO138)
10. World Premiere: Miroslav Vrlik-Blue Moon (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Full On 140)
11. Sean Tyas-Turbo (Kearnage)
12. Ben Nicky & Chris Schweizer-The Switch (WAO138)

1. Eleven Fly & March 13-Run (Colorize)
2. Tinlicker-Needle (Zero Three Zero)
3. Koschk-Diwan (Bonzai Progressive)
4. Alex Klingle-Colors Back (Enhanced Progressive)
5. Sunny Lax-Aeons (Anjunabeats)
6. Corti Organ-Zagreb (ASOT)
7. Basil O'Glue-Pop Culture (Pure Trance)
8. The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra-Amber (FSOE)
9. Alex Morph-Euforia Anthem (Vandit)
10. The Cracken-Vesuvius (Digital Society)
11. Jackob-Roenald-No Survivors (Aria Knights)

1. Ronski Speed-Tyrion (Maracaido)
2. Lange feat. Tom Tyler-On Your Side (ANG Remix) (Lange)
3. Kyau & Albert-Memory Lane (Anjunabeats)
4. Eximinds-Sunrise (Excelsior)
5. Omnia-Mystique (Armind)
6. Ashley Wallbridge feat. KARRA-Melody (Garuda)
7. Matt Chwoski & Suzy Solar pres. Xenera-Destination for Exploration (Always Alive)
8. Asteroids-Supernova (Extrema Global)
9. North, Sanchez vs. Jonathan Carvajal-Oblivion (Tech Mix) (Mental Asylum)
10. Standerwick & Chris Schweizer-Predator (WAO138)
11. Intra & Spherix-Nitrate (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)(Full On 140)

1. Tempo Giusto pres. TGRW-Nicked (Created)
2. Fabio XB & Liuck feat. Roxanne Emery-Nowhere To Be Found (Craig Connelly Remix) (Digital Society)
3. Ram-Elijah (Sean Tyas Remix) (Grotesque)
4. Jimmy Chou-Evernow (Discover Digital)
5. Local Heroes & Linnea Schossow-Home (Allen & Envy Remix) (Lange)
6. Sean Tyas & Darren Porter-Relentless (FSOE)
7. Rene Ablaze-Indigo (Always Alive)
8. Guy Alexander-Poppy (Redux)
9. Sneijder & The Noble Six-Far From You (Afterdark)
10. Project B-Audiological Warfare (Outburst)
11. Atkinson vs. Thirlwall-Squelcher (Kearnage)

1. John 00 Fleming-Altered Senses (Syntheic vs. Valys Remix) (JOOF)
2. May-I Re-Root (Discover Code Red)
3. Quasi & Andrew & White-Ready (Individual Identity)
4. Michael Badal-Decade (Lange)
5. Stargliders-The Red Nebula (Enhanced Progressive)
6. Avao-Crushed (Digital Society)
7. Miroslav Vrlik & Martin Jurenka-Reach Me (Always Alive)
8. Myde-10 Years 10 Days (Condura)
9. Obi-Punch (Discover Dark)
10. Erislandy-Sutherland Falls (Redux)
11. Zach Ziov-Dahaka (Discover White)
12. Tony Moran feat. Nicki Richards and Zhana Roiya-High (Moran/Bissen Remix) (Universal)

1. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor-Fiction (Jee)
2. Arty & Andrew Bayer-Follow the Light (Anjunabeats)
3. Local Heroes & Linnea Schossow-Home (Lange)
4. RELOAD-The One (Discover Code Red)
5. Alan Walker-Faded (Markus Schulz Remix)
6. Signum-Knock Knock (WAO138)
7. Jorn van Deynhoven-Flashback (ASOT)
8. Aimoon-Thunderbolt (Always Alive)
9. Manuel Le Saux & Mostfa & Mostfa-One World (Maratone Remix) (Discover)
10. 7 Wonders-Beyond the Shore (Tau-Rine Remix) (Extrema Global)
11. Heatbeat-Imperio (WAO138)

1. Tritonal feat. Angel Taylor-Getaway (Matt Fax Remix) (Enhanced)
2. Ashley Wallbridge-Es Vedra (Garuda)
3. Danny Chen feat. Victoria Ray-Waiting For You (Statement)
4. Quincy Weigert-Cloud 10 (Create)
5. Suncatcher-Clue is in the Title (Always Alive)
6. Alex Morph-Not All Superheroes Wear Capes (Vandit)
7. Victor Dinaire & Bissen-Ikon (Tytanium)
8. APD-Inscribe (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) (Go On Air)
9. Graeme Harrison-Xanthe (Allen Envy vs. Mark W Rework) (Discover)
10. Alessandra Roncone & Mark L-Down the Rabbit Hole (Extrema Global)
11. John O'Callaghan feat. Claire Stagg-Lies Cost Nothing (Will Atkinson Remix) (Subculture)

1. Gary Delaney-Nymeria (Rafael Osmo Remix) (JOOF)
2. Matt Fax-Blimp (Colorize)
3. World Premiere: Karine Hannah-Victory (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Instrumental) (Citrusonic)
4. Liuck & Neev Kennedy-Let This Go (Parity Remix) (Digital Society)
5. DRYM & Jennifer Rene-Smile (ASOT)
6. Matrey-Out Of Space (Red Soho)
7. Hasso & Christoph-Morning Sun (Individual Identity)
8. DARVO-Wandering Flames (Redux Red)
9. First Sight vs. Emanuele Congeddu & Julia Lav-Alvorado (Always Alive)
10. Madwave-Happiness (Phoenix)
11. Gareth Emery & Ben Gold-Until We Meet Again (Ben Nicky Remix) (Garuda)
12. Will Atkinson-Pat Butcher (Kearnage)

1. Chris Bekker, Chris Montana & Paul van Dyk-Berliniton (Berlin White Tech Mix) (Vandit)
2. Jason Ross feat. Lauren Ray-Me Tonight (Anjunabeats)
3. Damian Wasse-Feel This Night (Lange)
4. Taival-Avengers (Always Alive)
5. Liam Melly & Tomski-Into Paradise (Extrema Global)
6. Lange-Conspiracy (Create)
7. Forbidden Mind-Northern Lights (Ascendance)
8. Factor B-Sapera (Pure Trance)
9. Sun Liquide-Morning Sun (Redux)
10. Ben Gold & Ruben de Ronde-Era Festivus (Mhammed El Alami Remix) (Statement)
11. Tangle-Mothership (Digital Society)

1. Checco Esse & Adriano Dodici-Nineteen Experience (Progrez)
2. Jamie Baggotts-Lost (Pure Trance)
3. Armin van Buuren feat. Eric Vloeimans-Embrace (Arty Extended Remix)
4. Martin Graff-Last Day on the Moon (Red Soho)
5. The Chainsmokers feat. Daya-Don't Let Me Down (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Disruptor)
6. Andy Elliass & ARCZI-The San River (Blue Soho)
7. Tempo Giusto-Pick Your Poison (Lange)
8. Heatbeat-Aerys (Mark Sherry Remix) (Captivating)
9. Manuel Rocca-Panacea (Blue Soho)
10. Alex Wright-Golden Gate (Always Alive)
11. Gareth Emery I Could Be Stronger (Giusepee Ottaviani Remix) (Garuda)

1. Steve Brian-Avocado (Cabriolet Paris Remix) (Euphonic)
2. Orkidea-Nana (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) (Black Hole)
3. Codeko feat. Envy Monroe-Halo (Captivating)
4. Ohmna-Full Moon (Statement)
5. Venom One-Elysia (ASOT)
6. Arman-Dinarvand & NitMa-A Way to the Future (Vandit)
7. Alex MORPH & Den Rize feat. Natalie Gioia-Angelic (Vandit)
8. Tegma-Nightwatch (JOOF Mantra)
9. Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt-Restless Hearts (Ben Nicky Remix) (WAO138)
10. The Noble Six-Oddworld (Subculture)
11. Maximal-Many More Have Gone (Mental Asylum)

1. Diversion-Feel For You (Colorize)
2. Tomcraft-Loneliness (Pink Panda Remix) (Armada)
3. InnerSync feat. Samantha Star-Dreaming Tree (Equinox)
4. Ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi feat. Jeza-Shake the Air (Daun Giventi Remix) (Anjuna)
5. LTN feat. Illuminor-Here I Am Again (Alex Sonata Remix) (Enhanced)
6. David Gravell-The Riddle (Captivating)
7. Stephen Kirkwood-The Wolf (JOOF)
8. Melodica-Abyss (Pure Trance)
9. Dreamy-Shooting Star (Always Alive)
10. Cenk Basaran-Northern Lights (Discover)
11. DJ Jounce feat. Christina Novelli-Nobody Knows (Phillipe El Sisi Remix) (Blue Soho)

1. Christina Novelli-Where We Began (Garuda)
2. Henry Dark-Beirut (Captivating)
3. Parity-Kamchatka (Digital Society)
4. Yang-Daisho (Lange)
5. Ciro Visone & JTB-The Guardian (Ellez Ria ReFeel Mix) (Discover)
6. Changes-Room is Too Loud (Pharmacy)
7. Jorn van Deynhoven-We Can Fly (ASOT)
8. Mark Eworth-Simoon (Discover White)
9. Para X-Laguna (Discover)
10. Alan Walker-Faded (Talla 2XLC Uplifting Rework)
11. Lange-Airpocalypse (In Trance We Trust)

1. Kyau & Albert-Hide & Seek (Morttagua Remix) (Euphonic)
2. Qosmio-Nightmare (Progrez)
3. Askin Dedeoglu-White (Re-Awakening) (Green Martian)
4. Alikast-Tomorrow is Another Day (Individual Identity)
5. Henry Dark-Beirut (Captivating)
6. Reload-Watch Your Back (Discover Digital)
7. Mark Walker-Fusion (Blue Soho)
8. Niko Zografos-Mykonos (FSOE)
9. Para X-Laguna (Discover)
10. Cesar Lugo-Reborn (Edge EDM)
11. Like It Pro-First Touch (Discover Dark)

1. Alan Walker-Faded (Tiesto's Northern Lights Remix) (Sony)
2. Ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe De Luca-Bigger Than Love (David Gravell Remix) (Anjuna)
3. Parity-Kamchatka (Digital Society)
4. Super8 & Tab-Mega (Armind)
5. David Forbes & Liam Melly-Flatline (Vandit)
6. Ciro Visone & JTB-The Guardian (Ellez Ria ReFeel Mix) (Discover)
7. Red Sky-Zodiac (Blue Soho)
8. Jorn van Deynhoven-We Can Fly (ASOT)
9. Pinkque-The Aggressor (Extrema Global)
10. Andres Sanchez-El Gordo (Mental Asylum)
11. John O'Callaghan and Claire Stagg-Lies Cost Nothing (Subculture)

1. Jeremy Rowlett-Pitch Black (JOOF)
2. Danilo Ercole & Rafael Osmo-Morphosis (Create)
3. Denis Kenzo & Sveta B-Sunshine Blue (ASOT)
4. Kyau & Albert-Made of Sun (Sunny Lax Remix) (Euphonic)
5. Alan Walker-Faded (Tiesto's Northern Lights Remix) (Sony)
6. The Chainsmokers feat. Daya-Don't Let Me Down (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Disruptor)
7. Tyler Wildman-Slice of Life (T Remix) (Addictive)
8. Young-Phoenix Rise (Lange)
9. Boom Jinx & Soundprank feat. Katrine Stenbekk-We Know (Anjuna)
10. David Forbes & Liam Melly-Flatline (Vandit)
11. TrancEye-Skylight (Redux)
12. Darren Porter-To Feel Again (FSOE)

1. Matt Fax-Careless (Colorize)
2. Tioan-Return (White Soho)
3. Nitrous Oxide vs. Fatum-Agera (Anjunabeats)
4. Gareth Emery feat. Wayward Daughter-Reckless (Gareth Emery & Luke Bond Remix)
5. Gaia-Inyathi (Armind)
6. Chris Bekker-Goldelse (Vandit)
7. Stoneface & Terminal-Spectre (Euphonic)
8. Johnny Yono-Hydrashock (IHU)
9. Symon & Jay-Turning Point (Redux)
10. First Sight & Ben Stone-We Are Pure (Always Alive)
11. Alan Walker-Faded (Talla 2XLC Uplifting Rework)

1. LTN-Quicksand (PROFF Extended Mix) (Enhanced Progressive)
2. Biotones & Damon Rush-Eminence (Individual Identity)
3. Luis de Poda Feat. Nastya Lucky-My Universe (We Are Trance)
4. Vander & Thomas-Orchid (Lange)
5. Raminio-Confession (Always Alive)
6. Everlight-This is For You (Blue Soho)
7. Derek Ryan feat. Melissa R Kaplan-Ripples (Redux)
8. Alex van ReeVe-Halcyon (Always Alive)
9. Akku-Healing Wounds (Discover)
10. Iversoon & Alex Daf-Atom (Create)
11. Molok-Gates of Zion (JOOF Mantra)

1. Wellenrausch-Die Maschine in Mir (Pure Trance)
2. Duncan Newell-Sand Angels (Blue Soho)
3. Tritonal feat. Steph Jones-Blackout (Alex Klingle Remix)
4. Super8 & Tab-Komorebi (David Gravell Remix) (Armind)
5. The Chainsmokers feat. Daya-Don't Let Me Down (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Disruptor)
6. Husman-Destiny (Captivating)
7. Local Heroes-Ares (Uplifting Mix) (Euphonic)
8. Nikolauss-Solaris (Extrema Global)
9. Dennis Pedersen-Pickles (Always Alive)
10. JP Bates-Stalemate (Discover)
11. Miroslav Vrlik-The Intruders (Blue Soho)
12. Saad Ayub-Lost In Translation (Digital Society)

1. Liuck & Neev Kennedy-Let This Go (Digital Society)
2. Wrechiski-Inhale (Enhanced Progressive)
3. World Premiere: The Chainsmokers feat. Daya-Don't Let Me Down (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Disruptor)
4. Mac & Monday-Xiphos (Spellbinding)
5. Heatbeat & Tomas Heredia-I Am Darkness (ASOT)
6. Eryon Stocker-Mechanics of Noise (Discover White)
7. Laura May-Are You Afraid of Ghosts (Cerk Basaran Remix) (Discover)
8. Paul Denton-Searching the Sky (ITWT)
9. Lostly-Du Bist Okay (Mental Asylum)
10. Ben Gold feat. Christina Novelli-All or Nothing (Allen Watts Remix) (WAO138)
11. Gareth Emery feat. Wayward Daughter-Reckless (Standerwick Remix) (Garuda)

1. Reeson-Chords of Life (Pure Trance)
2. Chris Bekker & Farius-London Sunrise (Vandit)
3. David Forbes-Questions must be Asked (Rodrigo Deem Remix) (Captivating)
4. Juventa-Miami Waves (2016 Club Mix) (Enhanced)
5. John Askew-Can I Be Frank (FSOE)
6. Wavetraxx-Machu Picchu (Diverted)
7. Don Dobson-Docile (Lange)
8. Andre Visior & Mike Sanders-Oceandrive (Digital Society)
9. Dave Shifting & Robbie Seed pres. Sky Motion-Freedom (Blue Soho)
10. Miroslav Vrlik-Fly Away (Always Alive)
11. Intra & Spherix-Nitrate (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)(Full On 140)

1. Louis Irvine-Time Bomb (Progrez)
2. Cressida-Summit (Kyau & Albert Remix) (Euphonic)
3. Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge-CVUNT5 (Garuda)
4. Liquid Sound-Ovde I Sada (JOOF Mantra)
5. The Thrillseekers-Just Because (Adjusted)
6. Cold Blue-Gold Rush (Mental Asylum)
7. Suncatcher-Origin (Always Alive)
8. Maratone & Dreamy feat. Emma Chatt-Out From Under (Dub Mix) (Redux)
9. Alvaro Santis-Caronte (Discover White)
10. World Premiere: Intra & Spherix-Nitrate (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)(Full On 140)

1. Ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe de Luca-Bigger Than Love (Anjunabeats)
2. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor-Floyd (Jee)
3. Orbion-Snow (Colorize)
4. DJ Jounce feat. Christina Novelli-Nobody Knows (Hazem Beltagui Remix) (Blue Soho)
5. Husman feat. Kelly Sweet-Atmosphere (Captivating)
6. Formal One-Vision (Excelsior)
7. Alex Di Stefano-From Heaven to Inferno (Black Hole)
8. Simon Bostock-Marrakech (Pure Trance)
9. Taival-Frostbite (Always Alive)
10. Quincy Weigert-Octobers Eve (Spellbinding)
11. Luke Bond vs. Cartel-Once More (Dan Stone Remix) (Garuda)

1. Oliver Smith-Your Love (Anjunabeats)
2. Sue McLaren, Farhad Mahdavi & Paul van Dyk-Together Again (Vandit)
3. Frida Sundemo-The Sun (Kyau & Albert Rework) (Euphonic)
4. Iversoon & Alex Daf-Leeds (Lange)
5. Super8 & Tab-Moonbow (Armind)
6. Rodrigo Deem & Las Salinas feat. Emily Harder-Anything (Enhanced Progressive)
7. Jimmy Chou-Kurenai (Discover)
8. Dima Borisenko-Alter Ego (Discover)
9. Mike Sanders-Right Hemisphere (Always Alive)
10. Will Atkinson-Subconscious (Subculture)
11. Chris Schweizer-Scorpion (WAO138)

1. Jay X-Impulse (Yatagan)
2. Barzek-Flare (Colorize)
3. Thomas Hayes feat. Kyler England-Golden (Sunny Lax Remix) (Enhanced)
4. Rafael Osmo & Linnea Schossow-Sahara (Lange)
5. Sollito & Seawayz-Alkyne (Always Alive)
6. RNX-Colorado (Solarstone PTIV Reconstruction (Pure Trance)
7. Tempo Giusto-Cujo (Create)
8. Wavetraxx vs. Sunfire-Unbreakable (Wavetraxx Mix) (Diverted)
9. Ciro Visone-Vendetta (Accelerator Remix) (Discover)
10. Frank Dueffel-Termination Shock (Discover)
11. Orla Feeney & Kristina Sky-Insubordinate (Extrema Global)

1. NuAlias-Nox (Audiophile)
2. Nico Parisi-Raklet (Bonzai Progressive)
3. Grum feat. Rothchild-Under Your Skin (Anjunabeats)
4. Tinlicker-Triangle (Zero Three Zero)
5. Frost Raven-Dark Wave (Tech Mix) (Pharmacy Plus)
6. Breathe Carolina & Shanahan feat .Haliene-Stars & Moon (LTN Remix) (Enhanced)
7. Suspect 44 x Soar-Fall for you (Captivating)
8. Awoken-Xenomorph (Pharmacy Plus)
9. Rilalto-Dynamic (Discover Digital)
10. Kessler-The Prestige (Pharmacy)
11. Driftmoon-Move the Mountains (WAO138)
12. UCast-Blackout (FSOE)

1. Eric Prydz feat. Rob Swire-Breathe (Astralwerks)
2. Tame Impala-Let It Happen (Tinlicker Edit) (Zero Three Zero)
3. Gagauz vs. Sun Riser-The Universe (Echelon)
4. Local Heroes-Ares (Euphonic)
5. Radion6-Hope (Armind)
6. Artifi feat. Veela-Another Dare (Tanya Baltunova Remix) (Just Music)
7. Solarstone & Basil OGlue-Infatuation (Pure Trance)
8. Mike Sanders & Andre Visior-Together (Extrema Global)
9. Cold Rush & Mhammed El Alami-Aviana (Always Alive)
10. Victor Dinaire & Bissen-Ikon (Tytanium)
11. The White Room-The White Room (Armada)

1. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor feat. London Thor-Smoke & Mirrors (Anjunabeats)
2. IMX Project-Kuching (Above All)
3. Chris Bekker-Heimat B (Vandit)
4. Mariusz Chodorek feat Danny Claire-Somebody I Could Be (Redux Red)
5. Tomac & Mad-Polygons (FSOE)
6. Frank Waanders & Izzy Meusen-Capsaicin (Always Alive)
7. Benjani-Pulsar (Spellbinding)
8. Koishii & Hush feat. Gillian Gilbert-Lifetime (Saltmarine Remix) (Grammaton)
9. Fredd Moz-Dreaming with You (Extrema Global)
10. Kolliders-Singapore (Extrema Global)
11. Amir Hussain-Ethica (Digital Society)

1. Ed Whitty-Knowhere (Sounds R Us)
2. Schala-Algorithm (Enhanced Progressive)
3. Kyau & Albert-Bend Girl (Anjunabeats)
4. Antillas feat. Moscow Noir-Satellite (Eximinds Remix) (IHU)
5. Tempo Giusto & Jace Headland-Tranceborn (Echelon)
6. Paul Thomas, Russel G & Kash Triveti-Fiji (Shadow of Two Remix) (Ultraviolet)
7. Chris North-Seraphim (Vandit)
8. Sean Matthews-Atlantic (Extrema Global)
9. Future Antics-Reflections (Blue Soho)
10. Miroslav Vrlik & Andre Visior-Stardust (Always Alive)
11. Ciro Visone-You Will Win (Discover)

1. Jaytech-Great Divide (Anjunabeats)
2. Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston-Treasure (Kyau & Albert Remix) (Anjunabeats)
3. Alex Ender-To the Sun (Excelsior)
4. Cabriolet Paris & David Berkeley-Wishing Well (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) (Euphonic)
5. Dave Pearce, Ben Hennessy & Sensi-Liberte? (Delirium)
6. Pierce Fulton-Landmines (Heatbeat Remix) (Armada)
7. Skyfeel-Revelation (Redux)
8. Aimoon-Freedom (Always Alive)
9. Eddie Bitar-Panorama (In Trance We Trust)
10. Matt Bowdidge-Fallen (Mental Asylum)
11. Will Atkinson-Game Over 2015 (Black Hole)

1. Max Freegrant-Tribe of the Sun (Freegrant)
2. David Forbes-Sculpture (Create)
3. Pearson & Hirst-Your Embrace (Digital Society)
4. Dash Berlin feat. Christon Rigby-Underneath the Sky (Qulinez Remix) (Trice)
5. Jamie Walker-Pitch Black (Outburst)
6. Paul van Dyk & Jordan Suckley-City of Sound (Liquid Soul Remix) (Vandit)
7. Kyau & Albert-Lover in the Dark (Bjorn Akesson Remix) (Euphonic)
8. Mohammed Khallia-Sakhnin (Always Alive)
9. Driftmoon-Drifter (Always Alive)
10. Riialto-Ave of Stars (Discover)
11. Steve Dekay & Emanuele Congeddu-Alhena (Monster Tunes)

1. Andrew Bayer-Do Androids Dream Part 2 (Anjunabeats)
2. Ilan Bluestone-43 (Anjunabeats)
3. Lange-Formula None (Lange)
4. Super8 & Tab-Komorebi (Armind)
5. Johnny Yono-Embrace the Fear (Lange)
6. Tempo Giusto-Dynamo (Lange)
7. Sean Tyas-Da Doo Da dah (Subculture)
8. Anna Lee & Dima Krasnik-Optical Illusion (Daniel Kandi's Illusionist Mix) (Always Alive)
9. Darren Porter-Deep Blue (FSOE)
10. Obi-La Esperanza (Discover)
11. Victor Dinaire & Bissen-Superset (Tytanium)

1. Zachary Zamarripa feat. Luke Chable-Lonely Heart (Black Hole)
2. Rene Ablaze & BVibes-Stories On the Beach (Redux)
3. Eric Prydz-Generate (Astralwerks)
4. James Egbert & Taylr Renee-Can't Stay Here (Armada)
5. Markus Schulz feat. Delacy-Destiny (Coldharbour)
6. Fabio XB & Liuck feat. Christina Novelli-Step Into The Light (Touchstone Remix) (Digital Society)
7. Zedd feat. Selena Gomez-I Want You To Know (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Interscope)
8. Mohombi-Universe (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Universal)
9. Ronald van Gelderen feat. Gaelan-I Will Love Again (ASOT)
10. Tom Fall & Jes-Come Back (Trice)
11. WildOnes feat. David Julen-You Dancing (Daniel Kandi Remix) (Enhanced)
12. Exostate-Without Warning (Chill Mix) (Enhanced)

1. Metronomes-Underwater (Progrez)
2. Artserver-Kingdom Seas (Echelon White)
3. Thomas Hayes feat. Kyler England-Golder (Enhanced)
4. Sunny Lax-Enceladus (Anjuna)
5. Chris Cortez-Stucka (Lange)
6. Jimmy Chou-Chimera (Discover Digital)
7. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli-Concrete Angel (RAM Remix) (Garuda)
8. Kayan Code-Mida Vision (Redux)
9. Sean Matthews-Paradise (Giusepee Ottaviani Remix) (FSOE)
10. Araya & Mozarski-Theory Theme (Always Alive)
11. Sean Tyas-Vagabond (BlackHole)

1. Alex Klingle-Epilogue (Enhanced Progressive)
2. Daft Punk-Harder Better Faster Stronger 2015 (Stereo Players MNML Remix)
3. Husman-We Won't Fall (Captivating)
4. Super8 & Tab-Komorebi (Armind)
5. Obi-La Esperanza (Discover)
6. WildOnes feat. David Julen-You Dancing (Daniel Kandi Remix) (Enhanced)
7. Jose Amnesia-The Eternal (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker Rebooted Remix) (Vandit)
8. Magnetic Point (Future Design (Mental Asylum)
9. UP3-Apollo 503 (Discover Dark)
10. Tasso-Airstrikes (Discover Dark)
11. Kevin Crowley-Finest Hour (Discover White)

1. Madonna-Ghosttown (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Interscope)
2. Zedd feat. Selena Gomez-I Want You To Know (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Interscope)
3. Mohombi-Universe (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Universal)
4. Bingo Players-Knock You Out (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Priority)
5. Coldplay-Midnight (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
6. Lady Gaga-Applause (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Interscope)
7. Depeche Mode-Soothe My Soul (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Columbia)
8. Major Lazer ft. Flux Pavilion-Jah No Partial (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Downtown)
9. M83-Steve McQueen (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Mute)
10. Holden & Thompson-Nothing (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
11. Victor Dinaire & Noel Sanger-Wind And Sea (Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Dissident)
12. Cressida-Nevermind (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Euphonic)

1. Nicholas Bennison-Cyphon (Bissen Remix) (Flux Delux)
2. Ronski Speed feat. Aruna-All the Way (Bissen Remix) (Euphonic)
3. Solarstone-The Last Defeat (Bissen Remix) (Solaris)
4. Andy Tau-Leap of Faith (Bissen Remix) (Upbeat)
5. Matt Cerf & Jaren-Let Me Breathe (Bissen Remix) (Solaris)
6. Black Eyed Peas-I Gotta Feeling (Bissen Remix) (Interscope)
7. John Askew-Blue (Bissen Remix) (Discover)
8. Sensorica-Masta of Sound (Bissen Rework) (Kill the Lights)
9. Cowboy Mike-No Way Back (Bissen Remix) (Pharmacy)
10. Senadee-Life Support Machine (Bissen Remix) (Perfecto)
11. Future Disciple-Kwiwakurra (Bissen Remix) (Pure Trance)

1. Zeo-Five (Eyepatch)
2. Andrew Bayer-Celestial (Anjunabeats)
3. Amir Hussain-Life In Mono (Solid Stone Remix) (Digital Society)
4. Kyau & Albert-Lover in the Dark (Euphonic)
5. A & Z-Reboot! (Lange)
6. Arty-Pink Roads (Ronski Speed Reboot)
7. K Blank & DJ Dean feat. Elaine Winter-Flashback (Dub Mix) (Redux)
8. Ferrin & Morris-Vienna (Tyatnium)
9. Standerwick-Dreamstate (FSOE)
10. Talla 2XLC & Andre Visior-Horizons (Miroslav Vrlik Remix) (In Trance We Trust)
11. G8-Lost in Cairo (Discover White)

1. Aurora Night-Tranquility (Nanobeats)
2. Cosmic Gate & Jes-Here We Go Again (Super8 & Tab Remix) (WYM)
3. Marcus Schossow-Aware (Axtone)
4. Frost Raven-Nowhere to Hide (Pharmacy Plus)
5. Ferry Tayle & Daniel Kandi-Flying Blue (Zack Mia Remix) (Always Alive)
6. Factor B-Sacrosanct (Pure Trance)
7. We are Aliens-Polar (Redux)
8. Talla 2XLC & Daniel Skyver-Split Second (Mental Asylum)
9. Darren Porter-Deep Blue (FSOE)
10. The Cracken-Rebel (Discover Digital)
11. Opt-in-Kaafu (Discover)

1. Kintar-Es Vedra (Sudam)
2. Max Graham-One Hundred (Cycles)
3. Cosmic Gate & Jes-Here We Go Again (Super8 & Tab Remix) (WYM)
4. Speed Limits & Cannavo & Nesse-Out of Sight (Enhanced Progressive)
5. Giuseppe Ottaviani-Crossing Lights (Subculture)
6. Tempo Giusto-TechCorp (Create)
7. Talla 2XLC & Daniel Skyver-Split Second (Mental Asylum)
8. James Dymond-Deep Down Below (FSOE)
9. UDM-Luminous (Digital Society)
10. Eric Prydz-Generate (Talla 2XLC vs. Cold Blue Uplifting Rework) (Pryda)
11. John Askew-Shine (Sean Tyas Remix) WAO138)

1. Boxer & Forbes pres. Dandy-Sex Rated (Colorize)
2. Matt Holiday-Subsequential (Bonzai Progressive)
3. DJ Massymo TN & Rage Vision feat. Chris Scott-I Can't Find You (Tomac Remix) (White Soho)
4. Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes-Counting Down the Days (Axis Remix) (Anjuna)
5. Simon Templar-Meltwater III (Pure Trance)
6. Ian OShea-Star Vision (dataless)
7. Sun Liquide-Celebrate the Light (Artra & Holland Remix) (Redux)
8. Amir Hussain & Paul Trainer-Synergy (Vandit)
9. Para X-Love Train (Discover)
10. Para X-Hypersonic (Extrema Global)
11. John Askew-The Witch (Peetu S Witch Hunt Remix) (Discover)

1. PQM-You Are Sleeping (Matador Remix) (Yoshitoshi)
2. Andrew Bayer-Nobody Told Me (Anjuna)
3. Lange, Tempo Giusto & Stephen Kirkwood-Jackhammer (Lange)
4. Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt-Restless Hearts (Club Mix) (Armind)
5. Antillas & Alpha Force feat. Lauren Evans-The Love (Spark & Shade Remix) (Excelsior)
6. Stoneface & Terminal-Volcano (2015 Remix) (Euphonic)
7. Christina Novelli-Same Stars (Standerwick Remix) (Garuda)
8. Feeler-Black Flame (Echelon)
9. Seven Lions-Cusp (WAO138)
10. Andre Visior & Miroslav Vrlik-Connected (Discover Digital)
11. Ian OShea-Vision 2015 (OShea Newell 2015 Remix) (dataless)
12. Driftmoon-Cloudwalker (Tytanium)

1. Altek-Still Trying (Green Martian)
2. First State feat. Anita Kelsey-Falling (Original Mix) (Black Hole)
3. Paul Kalkbrenner-Feed Your Head (Kyau & Albert Remix) (Columbia)
4. Rodrigo Deem-Horizon (Enhanced Progressive)
5. Tony Moran-Take It All the Way (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (SugarHouse)
6. Ferry Tayle feat. Driftmoon-Geometrix (Tempo Giusto Remix) (Always Alive)
7. Quasi-Horizontal (Jackob Rocksonn Remix) (Echelon)
8. Anna Lee & Dima Krasnik-Optical Illusion (Daniel Kandi's Illusionist Mix) (Always Alive)
9. Mike Squillo-A Place for Everything (Digital Society)
10. Second Phase-The Capital (Create)

1. Zachary Zamarripa feat. Luke Chable-Lonely Heart (Black Hole)
2. Wish I Was feat. Cameron Walker-Cutting Ties (Robbins)
3. Wrechiski-Riptide (Enhanced Progressive)
4. BT & Ilan Bluestone feat. Stef Lang-All These Wounds (Anjunabeats)
5. Noah Neiman feat. Matthew Steeper-Gasoline (Enhanced)
6. Rasster & Rakkano-Nostrum (Swanky Tunes)
7. First State feat. Anita Kelsey-Falling (New Era Remix) (Black Hole)
8. Eric Prydz-Opus (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
9. Monoverse-Supercell (Excelsior)
10. Pinkque-Hereafter (In Trance We Trust)
11. Rezarin feat. dave Thomas Junior-About You (Andre Visior Remix) (Always Alive)
12. John Fleming-If I Don't Come Home (JOOF)

1. Sascha Funke-Mango (BPitch Control)
2. Nugen-Deliverance (Touchstone)
3. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor-Opium (Jee)
4. Eric Prydz-Opus (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
5. Alex Ender & Sergey Brodovsky-Scorcher (Lange)
6. Tom Fall & Jes-Come Back (Trice)
7. Alex MORPH feat. Ana Criado-Sunset Boulevard (Dan Stone Rework) (Vandit)
8. Signum-Blockbuster (WAO138)
9. First State feat. Anita Kelsey-Falling (Daniel Skyver Remix) (Black Hole)
10. Bjorn Akesson-Paper Dreams (FSOE)
11. World Premiere: Bissen-Providence (Enhanced)

1. James Egbert & Taylr Renee-Can't Stay Here (Armada)
2. Fatum-Take Me Back (Ride)
3. Lange-You Are Free (Zero Three Zero)
4. Avao-Distraction (Lange)
5. World Premiere: Eric Prydz-Opus (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
6. David Forbes-Collider (Vandit)
7. Milan van Skyler-This Is Our Time (Digital Society)
8. Anna Lee & Dima Krasnik-Optical Illusion (Daniel Kandi's Illusionist Mix) (Always Alive)
9. Matt Bukovski & Eloquentia feat. Adara-Pieces of the Sky (Uplifting Mx) Excelsior)
10. Pablo Anon-Andromeda (Discoger)
11. Ian Buff-Whatever Whenver (Discover Digital)
12. Fady & Mina-Kinetics (FSOE)

1. Berbush & Kotobuki-Shadows (Bonzai Progressive)
2. LTN feat. Adara-Outside the Lines (LTN's Sunrise Mix) (Enhanced Progressive)
3. Ed Sheeran-Bloodstream (Arty Remix)(Atlantic)
4. Above and Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston-Fly to New York (Above & Beyond vs. Jason Ross Club Mix) (Anjuna)
5. Tinlicker-Motor (Zero Three Zero)
6. Fast Distance-Frontera (ASOT)
7. Tempo Giusto-Dynamo (Lange)
8. Para X-Sunset Highway (Extrema Global)
9. First Sight & Quasi-Delirium (Edge EDM)
10. Andre Visior-Eternity (Always Alive)
11. Oberon-Different World (Discover Dark)
12. JP Bates-Quarantine (Future Antics Remix) (Discover)

1. Kaspar Tasane & Arielle Maren-Addicted (Colorize)
2. Faithless-Salva Mea (Above & Beyond Remix) (Anjuna)
3. David Riviera-Sunshine (PriZm)
4. Alex Sonata-Siren (Garuda)
5. Laura May-Try Again (Discover)
6. Novan-Melina (Lange)
7. First Sight-We Will Go Together (Always Alive)
8. Alex Morph & Heatbeat-Amistad (Vandit)
9. Fredrik Miller-Gravity Rush (Digital Euphoria)
10. Christopher Lawrence-Unbroken (Sonic Species Remix) (Pharmacy)
11. Phil Taylor-Locked Up (Mental Asylum)

1. CompleteJ-Tell-Tale (Bonzai Progressive)
2. Zoe Song-My Little Secret (Progrez)
3. Marthin Klein & Mark de Line-All I Ever Wanted (Nouveau Niveau)
4. White Zoo & Pearl Anderson-Higher (Audiophile)
5. Tritonal-Gamma Gamma (Ferry Corsten Fix) (Enhanced)
6. Michael Li feat. Danny Claire-Take You Away (Rene Aplaze & Jam Da Bass Remix) (Redux)
7. Mhammed El Alami-Arton (Always Alive)
8. Mostfa & Mostfa-The Eyes of Dawn (Extrema Global)
9. Matt Eray-Jabuticaba (Tytanium)
10. JP Bates-Turmoil (Skyborn Remix) (Discover White)
11. Has!-Must Go Faster (Pharmacy)

1. Eric Prydz-Opus (Astralwerks)
2. Moosick-The Chase (Onezie Remix) (Green Martian)
3. Michael Li feat Danny Claire-Take You Away (Redux)
4. Nick Arbor-Immortal (Digital Society)
5. Chris Cortez-We Are One (Lange)
6. Future Disciple-Adeline (Pure Trance)
7. Ashura-Shangri-La (Matthew Norrs Remix) (Beyond Perception)
8. K90-Defender of the Faith (Mantira Remix) (dataless)
9. Miroslav Vrlik & Andre Visior-Red Sky (Always Alive)
10. Nicola Maddaloni-Wind Talker (Redux)
11. Frank Dueffel-Injector (Discover Digital)
12. Stephane Badey-Guilty Pleausre (Pharmacy)

1. Mehlberg-Pipeline (Eve)
2. Kuffdam & Plant-Dream Makers (Vince Aoun Remix) (Vandit)
3. Ben Hennessy feat 3PM-Where Do We Go (Sensi Remix)
4. Mark Sixma-Stellar (Armind)
5. Hoyas & Joakim Sjoberg-Stardust (Redux)
6. Neos-Spartan Attack (Pharmacy Plus)
7. Stuart Millar-Airplein (Peter Steele Remix) (Pure Trance)
8. Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz-Another You (Ronski Speed Remix) (Armada)
9. Janina T-Gated Butterfly (Discover White)
10. Coming Soon feat. Michele Adamson-Keep the Faith (WAO138)
11. Indecent Noise & Eddie Bitar-Conqueror (Mental Asylum)

1. Dr. Mabuze-On the Earth (Sounds R Us)
2. Sedi-The Other Side (Positronic)
3. Daun Giventi-Oceanside (Enhanced Progressive)
4. Mohombi-Universe (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Universal)
5. Monoverse feat. Leolani-Take You Away (Dennis Pedersen & ARDI Remix) (Always Alive)
6. Second Sun-Empire (Alan Banks Remix) (Vandit)
7. Billy Rutts-Alpha Male (Extrema Global)
8. Lost Man-Destination Nowhere (Discover)
9. Insigma-Open Our Eyes (Tim Verkruissen & Ruben Verhagen Remix) (ATCR)
10. Talla 2XLC-The Spring Is My Love (Indecent Noise Remix) (Tetsuo)

1. Mucho Stylez-Deeptrix (Farewell Remix) (Nouveau Niveau)
2. Diversion & Tania Zygar-Bright Lights (Colorize)
3. Andy Groove feat Sam Vince-The Knot (Nexgen)
4. Martha Wash-Free People (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Dub) (Radikal)
5. K90-Defender of the Faith (Sparky Dog Remix (dataless)
6. Milan van Skyler-Vermillon (Digital Society)
7. Dreamy-Among Them (Nicola Maddaloni Remix) (Redux)
8. Type 41-Catalyst (Edge EDM)
9. Andre Visior-Life Signs (Blue Soho)
10. Maratone & Dreamy feat. Danny Claire-You (Tytanium)
11. tinY-Unbound (Pharmacy)

1. Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes-Counting Down the Days (Club Mix) (Anjuna)
2. Physical Phase-When You feel LIke Me (Echelon White)
3. BT with Super8 & Tab-Aika (Rafael Frost Remix) (Anjuna)
4. Luke Bond-Kamikaze (Garuda)
5. Gagauz-Frankfurt (Echelon)
6. Ferry Corsten-Reborn (Flashover)
7. Ciro Visone-The Drive (Glynn Alan Remix) (Discover White)
8. Lange-Formula None (Angry Man Remix) (Lange)
9. John Sunlight-Spitfire (Extrema Global)
10. Sean Tyas-Reach Out (WAO138)
11. Dreamy-Among Them (Ian Buff Remix) (Redux)

1. Alexey Lisin & Ange-Vesna (Zatonsky Remix) (Bonzai Progressive)
2. Mumford & Sons-Believe (Kyau & Albert Remix)
3. Alex Klingle & Linnea Schossow-I Run to You (Enhanced Progressive)
4. Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston-Peace of Mind (Arty Remix) (Anjuna)
5. DJ T.H. & Athema feat. Elyse G Rogers-Love Is (Javah Remix) (Redux)
6. The Noble Six-Undimmed (Alex Di Stefano Remix) (Subculture)
7. Jan Patrol feat. Sam Vince-Fallen Angel (7 Baltic Remix) (Condura)
8. Ronny K Spins-Es Mihi Servo Fortis (Discover Digital)
9. Daniel Kandi & Max Braiman-SkyOcean! (Always Alive)
10. Matt Bowdidge-Cyclone (Tytanium)
11. Jonathan Allyn-Rakatur (Pharmacy)

1. Tinlicker & Devries-Into the Open (Sotto Voce)
2. LTN-A Long Walk to Freedom (Extended Mix) (Enhanced Progressive)
3. Yahel & Liya-Shadows (Perfecto Fluoro)
4. Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren-Man on the Run (David Gravell 2015 Remix) (Captivating)
5. Heatbeat-It's Killing Me (Captivating)
6. Tenishia & Jonathan Mendelsohn-A New Dream (Liam Wilson Remix) (Black Hole)
7. Sholan-Distant Cry (Extrema Global)
8. Mind X and Talla 2XLC-The Gate (Club Mix) (Tetsuo)
9. Dark Fusion-Ride the Wave (Digital Society)
10. Angry Man-Muse (Mental Asylum)
11. The Noble Six-Undimmed (Subculture)

1. Sweep Projekt-Tamborero (CT Spaces)
2. Psycatron vs. Detroit Grand Pubahs-NVRSAYNVR (Inflyte)
3. Jean Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream-Zero Gravity (Above & Beyond Remix) (Anjuna)
4. Pulsar-One (Jack Vath Remix) (Redux Red)
5. Simon Templar-The Alignment (Pure Trance)
6. Stephen Kirkwood-Homeland (Lange)
7. CBM & The Sky People-Orbis (UltraViolet)
8. ReOrder-Saivan (Tytanium)
9. C Systems-Starbound (Always Alive)
10. John Askew-Bored of You Bored of Me (David Forbes Remix) (Discover)
11. Michael Kaelios-Black Butterfly (Beyond Perception)


1. Frost Raven-Aphrodite (Pharmacy Plus)
2. Aruna-The End (Alex Klingle Remix) (Enhanced)
3. Antillas-Route 66 (Dan Thompson Remix) (IHU)
4. 2LOOP & EvGen FM-Sand Castles (Echelon White)
5. Monoverse-One Way To LA (Statement)
6. Aly & Fila vs. the Thrillseekers-Es Vedra (FSOE)
7. Mantra-Tonic Accent (dataless)
8. Icone-Luna (Discover White)
9. James Rae-Compliance (Discover White)
10. Opt In-Wurmtreiber (Discover Dark)
11. Exostate-Without Warning (Chill Mix) (Enhanced)


1. Eric Prydz-Generate (Kšlsch Remix) (Astralwerks)
2. Las Salinas-Winston (Enhanced Progressive)
3. Bigtopo-Iker (Lange)
4. Andrew Mactire-Chicago (Echelon)
5. Sean Tyas & Fischer-Something in the Way (Black Hole)
6. Andre Visior-Icarus (Edge EDM)
7. Cuebrick-Demon (Ferry Tayle Remix) (Enhanced)
8. Peter Steele-Mantra (The Noble Six Remix) (Pure Trance)
9. Paul Denton-Wire Trap (Tytanium)
10. Flynn-Krystal Harmony (Philip Estevez Remix) (Blue Soho)


1. Grum-U (Anjunabeats)
2. Ilan Bluestone-43 (Anjunabeats)
3. Zedd feat. Selena Gomez-I Want You To Know (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Interscope)
4. Phi Phi-Alone (Bonzai Progressive)
5. Cowboy Mike-Clutch (CBM Remix) (EV)
6. Cannavo & Nesse-Push (Enhanced Progressive)
7. Claus Backslash-Ibiza Need U (John Bounce Mix) (Redux Red)
8. Zack Mi-Red Planet (Harmonic Rush Remix) (Perfecto Fluoro)
9. Jase Thirwall-Standby (Mental Asylum)
10. Tempo Giusto-Spatter Analysis (Lange)
11. Will Atkinson-Fresh Meat (Kearnage)


1. Manu Riga & Fe Malefiz-Forgotten (Bonzai Progressive)
2. Tony Moran, Victor Dinaire & Bissen feat. Orion-Sensation (Radikal)
3. Luke Bond & Omnia-Reflex (Armind)
4. Madonna-Ghosttown (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Interscope)
5. Paul Thomas-Blunk (Vandit)
6. Square Two-Split (Enhanced Progressive)
7. Koishii & Hush feat. Kate Peters-Freefall (Monoverse Remix) (Grammatton)
8. Standerwick feat. Jennifer Rene-All of Us (FSOE)
9. Kristy Jay-Through the Clouds (Edge EDM)
10. Tammo Tammel-Beauty & the Beast (Cold Rush Remix) (Digital Society)
11. 2nd Phase-Hostage (XGenic Remix) (Mental Asylum)


1. World Premiere: Madonna-Ghosttown (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Interscope)
2. K90-Rendition (dataless)
3. Alex Ender & Sergey Brodovsky-Vivante (White Soho)
4. Second Way-Olga (Kill the Lights)
5. Alex Ender -Whispers (Black Hole)
6. Photographer & Susana-Find A Way (How Trance Works)
7. Mhammed El Alami & Mehdi Belkadi & Jeef B-Brothers (Vital)
8. Johnny Yono-Embrace the Fear (Lange)
9. Christian Drost-Intruder (Discover White)
10. Christian Ketelaars-Jinkles (Miles Insanity Remix (Discover Dark)
11. Will Atkinson-Fresh Meat (Kearnage)


1. David Surok-Blue Eyes (Fisical Project Remix) (Equinox)
2. Anske-Little Dreamer (Sunset Slave Remix) (Lange)
3. Alex Klingle feat. Emily Harder-The Deeper We Go (Enhanced Progressive)
4. Ilan Bluestone-43 (Anjunabeats)
5. Super8 and Tab feat. Julie Thompson-Patience (Tom Fall Remix) (Anjunabeats)
6. Andrew Rayel feat. Jwaydan-Until The End (Marlo Remix) (Armind)
7. Chris Bekker-Animatic (Vandit)
8. Dawn the Truth-We Can't Escape (ASOT)
9. Tom8-Supernova (Digital Society)
10. Solarstone-Shield (ReOrder & Standerwick pres. SkyPatrol Remix) (Pure Trance)
11. Activa-Magnetic (James Dymond Remix) (Monster Tunes)
12. Sean Tyas-Da Doo Da dah (Subculture)


1. Grich-Riot (Densch Remix) (Eve)
2. Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston-Peace of Mind (Anjuna)
3. Soundprank-Legion (Anjuna)
4. Johnny Yono-Poison Whispers (Oakenfold Edit) (Perfecto Fluoro)
5. Pulse & Sphere-Overload (Tech Mix)
6. Johnny Yono-Everything We're Made Of (Perfecto Fluoro)
7. Darren Porter & Manuel Le Saux-Loud Noises (Tytanium)
8. Janina-Closer (Discover White)
9. Rene Ablaze, Ian Buff & DJ T.H.-10 Years (Eddie Lung Remix) (Redux)
10. Sean Tyas-Way Down in Mexico (Black Hole)
11. Lostly-Losing It All (Discover)
12. Sean Tyas-Da Doo Da Dah (Subculture)


1. Eric Prydz-Generate (Pryda)
2. LA Johnson-Never Forget (Green Martian)
3. Markus Schulz feat. Delacy-Destiny (Coldharbour)
4. Ariel & Danilo Bigtopo-Clubbing (Lange)
5. Pholder-Argos (Redux)
6. Peter Steele-Mantra (Pure Trance)
7. Kinetica-Cosmo Canyon (Lostalgia)
8. Sam Jones-No Angel (Mental Asylum)
9. ELV-Night Feeling Egypt (Diverted)
10. Thomas Datt-Across the Edge (John Dopping Void) (Discover)
11. Active Limbic System & Peetu S-Chain Reaction (Christopher Lawrence (Discover Dark)


1. Joshi feat. Nina Carr-Kiss & Tell (Colorize)
2. Hady Tarek-Restless (Bonzai Progressive)
3. Andrew Bayer-Do Androids Dream Part 2 (Anjunabeats)
4. 2nd Phase-The Game (Lange)
5. Eximinds-Handprint (ASOT)
6. Stoneface & Terminal-Infection (Euphonic)
7. Mitka & Niko Zografos-Phoria (FSOE)
8. Standerwick-Dark Matter (Mental Asylum)
9. Victor Dinaire & Noel Sanger-Wind & Sea (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) (Dissident)
10. Lostly-Take This Acid (Discover)